Aircraft Management - CAMO

A SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST  -  BACS Limited can carry out Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) functions. We have over 30 years of experience that enables us to professionally manage the airworthiness compliance of your aircraft, in service or in storage, by issuing and extending airworthiness review certificates (ARC), carrying out independent airworthiness reviews and providing recommendations. We also offer continuing airworthiness management for non-EASA aircraft, with a service tailored to the regulations of your aircraft’s country of registration.

As your chosen CAMO, we will support you and your aircraft throughout its life. If you are buying a new or pre-owned aircraft, we provide peace of mind by reviewing inspection records before you commit to buy. And once you become the owner, we simplify and manage all your aircraft’s maintenance requirements.

We provide a complete airworthiness management service for corporate and private aircraft owners, commercial operators and leasing and finance companies. This includes:
Airworthiness Review Certificates
Development, approval and management of bespoke aircraft maintenance programmes
Forecasting, planning and tracking of all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities
Management and control of repairs, modifications, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
Safe storage of aircraft technical records
Support and assistance in aircraft import and export processes, acquisitions or handbacks
Pre-Purchase Inspections

You can trust BACS Limited to manage all the regulatory paperwork and administration on your behalf and provide all necessary technical support, to ensure your aircraft remains airworthy and available for use when you need it.


Professional Aviation Consultancy Services for:
National Authorities
National Carriers
Military & Defence
Public Sector (Police, Coastguard & Air Ambulance)
Private Operators
Maintainance & Component Repair Organisations
Ground Support Services
Design & Manufacture Organisations

Safety, Regulations and Compliance
Our trusted advisor aviation consulting services support your journey from compliance through to performance. Contact us to see how we can help.

We are experts in safety and continual improvement, focusing on the role of the human in aviation safety. Our broad range of aviation consulting services is designed to equip people and organisations with the practical skills and competence to manage their organisation in a safer more efficient and manner.

What is Safety and Continual Improvement?
Organisational safety performance is the ability of an organisation to assess how well it can manage safety risk and be able to take action to build up and continuously improve that capability in the most proactive, effective, consistent and transparent way.

How We Can Help You On Your Journey Of Continual Improvement
Whether we’re engaged to support a particular project or to support your organisation strategically, we help you gain clarity on your needs and formulate solutions that not only dovetail with ICAO and EASA compliance frameworks, but proactively help your organisation go beyond compliance to performance.

Improving Your Competitive Advantage
Through our consultants’ wide ranging experience and expertise, we aim to help you gain competitive advantage by building sustainable and superior risk-based decision-making capabilities that will help you:
Improve: Safety performance, business performance and operational capability
Protect: Lives, assets and business reputation
Reduce: Risk, rework, error, inefficiency and incidents

How We Work With You
We are skilled at working with you in many different ways to ensure you get the best possible value from us and the best possible outcome and level of support for your organisation. We work in a variety of ways depending on your specific requirements:
Trusted Advisors
Programme Managers
Mentors and Coaches
Strategic Consultants
Change Agents
Technical Subject Matter Experts
Training Consultant

Aerodrome Services

BACS Limited operates globally, providing AGL (Aeronautical Ground Lighting) consultancy, designs and a variety of airfield services. Created to support airports, aviation authorities, airfield lighting suppliers, airfield consultants and airfield installation contractors with project specific airfield lighting designs and consultancy services.

We support customers worldwide from our offices in United Kingdom and Portugal. BACS Limited is in a unique position to develop projects through the following phases:
Initial AGL Consultancy
Airfield Lighting Design
Specification and Tender documentation
Project Management
On-Site Delivery and Supervision of the Airfield Lighting Installation
Project Handover and Development of a AGL Maintenance plan.

AGL designs can be performed for a wide range of civil and military installations operating under visual flight rules (VFR) down to low visibility conditions. We provide full AGL designs whether or not a project specification is available.

All designs fully comply to the relevant international and national regulatory bodies such as ICAO, IEC, EASA, STANAG, FAA, CAA, CASA, CAAS and IAA.

Airfield lighting designs include: AGL Design Documentation Autodesk Project Drawings Design Calculations Site Survey Reports

Our list of services include:
Airfield Lighting Consultancy
Airfield Lighting Design
Airfield Site Surveys
AGL Installation Site Supervision/Resident Engineer
AGL Specification/Tender Documentation and Drawings
AGL Design Review AGL Budget Estimate and Review
Heliport Lighting Design
Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)
Calculation Approach Light Profile Calculation
ALCMS (Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems)
Apron Floodlighting Electrical Services and Power Systems
AGL Maintenance Audits
AGL Training

Airfield Lighting Consultancy, AGL Design, Airside Electrical Services, Airport Site Survey

Expert Witness

BACS Limited specialises in the preparation of Aviation Related occupational and civil litigation expert witness reports for the Courts.

The expertise within the team is also capable of being used in the early stages of a dispute by assisting with mediation and arbitration.

Our experienced professionally qualified aviation experts comprise individuals from many sectors of the industry. Their knowledge includes Aircraft Professional Competency and Employment, Aircraft Operations, Aerodromes and Airports, Commercial, Police, Air Ambulance, Offshore Operations Private and Military Aircraft covering all aircraft types – unmanned, Fixed Wing Large and Small, Rotary Aircraft, hot air balloons, Aviation meteorology, Aviation Training, United Nations ICAO, IATA, EASA, FAA, UK CAA and National Aviation Authority Regulations as well as safety management systems, test flying and aviation fuel operations.

Civil litigation is becoming more and more prevalent in aviation. The industry needs to rely on the use of experts to independently investigate and evaluate all the technical aspects of a disagreement. The highly complex nature of the industry could involve aircraft purchase, aircraft leasing, as well as engine contracts and employment disputes. This means that if a dispute cannot be resolved in its early stages the parties to the dispute, their lawyers and the Courts need to rely heavily on expert witnesses.

BACS Limited experts will give clear, understandable, written and oral explanations in terms that all parties, including mediators, arbitrators, instructing lawyers and the Courts will understand.

Contact our Expert Witness Team for further details.